• Virtual PR allows clients to tap into our pool of independent consultants who offer years worth of experience from unique perspectives. Our independent consultants are organized, self-motivated, and dependable. We offer competitive rates. Virtual PR offers expanded business hours as some of our consultants work from across time zones, therefore clients have round-the-clock support especially in urgent cases.

How does it work?

  • We work with clients and other public relations and advertising agencies on various requests. The projects are usually outsourced to us where there is an emergency/ urgent need for back up or where they don’t have the in-house capabilities to cover a specific prospect.

White label Opportunities

  • We provide strategic and tactical project concepts under the guidance of the client. The finished product is owned 100% by the client.

 In-House Support

  • Organizations choose to use this service where they wish to remain anonymous but still have a need to execute a concept or an opportunity to fruition.