With his awesome talent that blended so well with a distinctive journalism skill, he told compelling stories about Africa and lent refreshing and positive perspectives to the narrative about the African Continent and his country, Ghana.

Late Komla Afeke Dumor, Picture credit: www.ghanareview.com

He was the go-to mentor for journalists and radio hosts-in training. His style was crisp, factual, and sometimes hard-hitting but with a hint of warmth; he was loved by many.

His hunger for success was obvious; this propelled him to towering heights which he attained within a rather short lifespan of 41 years.

Four years on and his footprints in the sands of time are even more glaring. What a personality he was!

…‘Fact is, the nagging feeling of his loss is still fresh but the consolation is in his glowing legacies which still echo across Ghana, the Continent, the BBC and the world over.

You were a glorious success and a worthy Mentor!