Oil & Gas - MR Blue Services

The Service Unit occupies the unique position of bridging the gap between the communications and energy industry by offering a distinctive combination of strategy and business development.  This specialist service unit has been setup with the understanding of the unique situation local and foreign investors in the sector face with their brands, operations, the local content environment and the direct correlation between brand activities and the impact on revenue while operating in Ghana.

Secondly, communication occupies an important position in the oil and gas industry, as promoting brand awareness and defining and conveying differentiators in an increasingly crowded marketplace is absolutely critical.

Our approach is simple. We listen, study, analyze and innovate. We think creatively and strategically. Each signature campaign or service reflects our individual focus on your unique needs, desires, personality, and imagination.

Our aim is to provide clients with the right service, suited to their needs and which has significant and measurable impact on their business or initiative.


Market Entry Support Market Introduction / Scoping Report & Analysis

Sector Research


In-country Support


Soft Landing-  Business Investor Visit Management

Business Entity Incorporation

Mergers & Acquisitions support (third party support)




Business Development Management


Tender Support

Completion of SBD -Completion of Standard Bid Documents

Bid Compliance - Improve your functionality score and ensure compliance

Post Tender Activities

Post Tender Negotiations : Best and Final Offer Presentations

Business Operation & Regulator Support

Regulator Liaison

Meeting Management with IOCs, Service Contractors etc

Integrated Communications


Media Relations

Brand Management in New Markets

CSR identification and development (in tandem with overall operations)

Business Event Management

Social Media Management

Blogging –Website updates on Goodwill features of work in Ghana)

Trade Shows and Exhibition Branding

Mergers & Acquisition Messaging