Assisted Business Event Management Programme (ABEMP)

  • The Assisted Business Event Management Programme (ABEMP) is a third-party intervention for busy executives. The Service is commonly hired to provide professional services for the planning and implementation of business events, programs and services. The valuaze of an ABEMP is based on our company’s ability to pull off sensitive events in the most efficient, timely and professional manner.
  • As a rule, most of ABEMP services fall into the following categories:

Program Design: These services include venue selection and booking, the organization of event activities, and even event decor.

Logistics Management: These services include making an event timeline and schedule, booking transportation, and even coordination of guest arrivals and departures.

Supplier Management: These services include vendor selection and supplier price negotiation.

Accounting: These services include auditing and payment of vendor invoices, financial negotiations, and providing detailed accounting to a client.

  • In addition, we also acts as one key contact throughout the event planning process. Often, we will also be able to leverage lower prices by using tremendous purchasing power to negotiate for preferential rates with local vendorsand suppliers.
  • Anybusiness executive may choose an ABEMP where he/she is unable to plan or manage an event due to:
  • –Busy schedule
  • –Work overload
  • –Time constraints/ emergencies
  • –Non-experience