In today’ business environment, consumers and clients are drawn to socially responsible companies and expect more out of businesses than just the services and products they offer. There is a shift in people’s expectations of companies as they are seeking out more socially conscious companies to engage with.

Recognizing this, companies are adopting more CSR related initiatives that will strengthen their brand and also impact the communities that they operate in. Areas of serious engagement are philanthropy, volunteering, environmentally friendly issues, championing ethical business practices, mentorship etc.

When a concept or initiative is well thought out, one does not struggle to identify the potential impact it has on the beneficiaries and the society at large. Once there is a clear vision and a structure to support it, the successful outcome is not difficult to predict and measure.

The Huawei Ghana Branch recently initiated the “Seed for the Future” project as a global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme designed to expose Ghanaian tertiary students (with a background IT) to the solid Information Communications Technology (ICT) innovations that have helped to boost China’s digital and technology development.
Per the design of the concept, fifteen students drawn from the University of Ghana, Ghana Telecom University, Ashesi University and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have joined their counterparts from 95 other countries for a 10-day programme in China, bringing to 40, the total number of Ghanaian ‘young brains’ that have benefited from this great exposure since the project begun in Ghana two years ago.
The trip is sure to rekindle the spirit of innovation within through the experience they will gain from this initiative in a global business environment. This gesture will change their lives as it seeks to transform their way of thinking in their approach to innovation post the event.
This is a fine example of a CSR related initiative that gives real meaning to the practice in Public Relations.
Media Republique shall keep an ear out on the PR/CSR landscape and will bring you more on how companies and institutions are redefining the idea behind social responsibility while conducting business.
Thumbs up for Huawei.
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